Website Linking

Website linking can be done in many forms and each of them has its own different strategy. All these strategies have their own exclusive strengths and weaknesses. Let us have a look at different strategies that help the webmasters to obtain better rankings in the search engines, and more importantly get more website traffic.

Reciprocal Link Exchanges: This strategy of linking your site is generally the choice for newbie websites, those having less advertising budget. For a short term they can produce noticeable effects, but for long-term, they may prove to be a hindrance than profit.

Attaining Media Attention: This is one of the most advanced techniques for getting backlinks. The principle behind this is simple: Post a press release or even better launch a campaign of a press release and wait for it to get published. Results you see can be amazing as most thriving press releases can generate hundreds of quality backlinks.

Writing quality articles: This is yet another powerful technique to obtain backlinks. In simple terms, you post an article that contains minimum one link to your site, to other websites like articles directories and grant others the permission to republish this article absolutely free of cost, with a very basic condition of not modifying the articles and that they give you the credit of it.

Link Directories: This technique is also a better way to produce backlinks, even though it has few drawbacks. It is very important to ensure you select only the directories that do not need any reciprocal links. Some of the few “unscrupulous” directories do not actually provide you with a direct link to your website, but they do redirect via some internal files on their websites. Though human visitors still can navigate your website, search engines do not regard this as a link directing to your website.

Also, it is sensible to keep away from the badly organized directories, as they tend to be thought as “bad neighborhood” links and may cause some damage in the long run. Overall, this technique is quiet and powerful as it permits even the startup websites to gain decent one-way links. Most of the webmasters submit their websites manually to link directories, but this is a very time consuming and tedious process. So today you have software that speeds up the process, letting you obtain thousands of quality backlinks in less amount of time.

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