Norman Ebenstein (Property Developer in Falls Church, Virginia)

Norm Ebenstein: A destiny of his choosing

Childhood and early beginnings

When Norman Ebenstein was born, few could have predicted the path his life would take. Little Norm was born on October 23rd, 1928 to Samuel and Jeanette Ebenstein. From the very beginning, his life was littered with obstacles. Though his family had no way of knowing, he was born only a few years before the global economy would free fall into the Great Depression. Perhaps more consequentially, he was born at a time when global anti-Semitism was nearly at its peak. Little Norman, born into a loving home in New York City, had no idea of the way these forces would impact his life.

He also had no way of knowing how his life would impact the world.

When Norm was small, the Ebenstein family decided to relocate from New York City to Worcester, Massachusetts. Worcester was an emblematic New England town. Those who lived these took a great deal of pride in their community and heritage, and it was there that Norman learned to treasure his Jewish heritage. Coming of age as a young Jewish man in the 1930s and 1940s wasn’t easy, but Norm excelled in everything he did.

Education and Youth

Norman graduated from an elite high school, Phillips Exeter Academy. Phillips Exeter is known for exacting academic standards, and Norman surpassed all of them. At a young age, he recognized the value of a good education. He was counting on his education to take him far. He enrolled at Brown, where he studied economics. After graduating, he continued his education by studying law at Boston University.

Though he was a serious and focused young man, Norman Ebenstein knew that life existed outside the walls of academia. While at Brown, he met and wooed his future wife, Shirley Gorlick. Norman knew, even as he was pursuing her, that Shirley was the love of his life. In this case, his intuition turned out to be correct. Norman and Shirley had a successful marriage that lasted 65 years. Throughout their time together, they worked to nurture a love of life and education in their children and grandchildren.

When he wasn’t busy studying or spending time with his future wife, young Norman busied himself with America’s pastime: baseball. He was a huge aficionado of the sport and was known for his tricky pitches.

A businessman and a community leader

After completing his education, Norman Ebenstein decided to embark on a business career. He knew that starting his own business was a risk, but he believed in his talents, knowledge, and ability. With Shirley’s encouragement, he formed Commercial Capital Properties, a real estate business. Though things were difficult at first, Norm never doubted himself or gave up on his dream.

With time and a lot of effort and hard work, Norman found success. Commercial Capital Properties grew beyond his wildest dreams. By the time of his death, Commercial Capital Properties owned malls and shopping developments all along the East Coast. Norman took pride in seeing people socialize and build communities around his malls. He was particularly fond of Eden Center, in Falls Church, Virginia. Eden Center became a much-needed place for the Vietnamese community to gather and socialize. Norman was proud to have made life better for a group of people in need.

Though he was most known as a successful businessman, Norman also recognized the need to give back to his community. He served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations and was heavily involved in the local chapter of a Jewish service organization, B’nai B’rith. He believed that his success came with an obligation to serve and he was always ready to fulfill his duties.

Warmly loved, strongly missed

Though Norman Ebenstein has passed on, he is remembered with love and gratitude by all who knew him. His humor, kindness, and gentleness made him a beloved husband, father, and grandfather. His legacy will long outlive him.

Finding The Best Criminal Lawyer In Brampton

Finding The Best Criminal Lawyer In Brampton

Are you looking for a new criminal lawyer in Brampton that can help defend you in court? There are so many criminal lawyers that are new to the industry and we know it can be touch finding a lawyer you can trust to get you results. There are a few things to consider when you are looking a new lawyer for your situation. The first thing is experience. You want a lawyer that is credible with a lot of experience because this will dramatically increase your chances of a successful law trial. Experienced lawyers have many advantages including: 1. They are comfortable in court
  1. They have experience knowing what to do and what not to do
  2. They may have clients that have been in your exact situation as well
  The flaws with an experienced Brampton criminal lawyer are that they may be more expensive. Generally, lawyers with more experience charge more because they are obviously worth more. So depending on your case, you should choose wisely on what you need. For example, you don’t want to hire an expensive lawyer if you only got in a fight with your girlfriend because you can easily save money since the problem is not that serious. However, if you have been accused for drinking and driving and you need to fight the case because you may face time in prison, then in that case you would definitely want to hire an experienced criminal lawyer. So the first thing you need to do is decide how serious the case is. The second thing is to decide how you want to find your new lawyer.   There are a couple ways you can go about it. The first thing to do is to ask your family and friends if they know anyone who is a criminal lawyer. Referrals are always a great source of finding new people to take on your case because they are people you trust who can tell you about their experience. If you don’t have any family friends that you can get information from then the second option is to search for lawyers online. You can use Google to find a criminal lawyer in Brampton or you can search on other search engines including Yelp, Yahoo or Bing. Google is probably your best bet because most people use Google and so more people have most likely left reviews on their various business pages. How you basically make the search is to search for the best criminal lawyer in your area and see who shows up. This will allow you to explore the different options that are out there. We recommend looking at the first few sites that show up because they are most likely the most credibly websites. Once you have found a few lawyers you think are credible in your area then the next step is to book a consultation with them. This will allow you to get to know them and see if they are the right fit to help you solve your problem. We hope you were able to benefit from this guide and find your new criminal lawyer.

Windows 10 Tweaks

Windows 10 Tweaks

Windows 10 has continually been among the great OS ever since it came out roughly a year ago. You will find a great number of features to like in that and the simple fact that it is still keeps used all the time on those newer computer systems informs us how prized the operating system really is. One can find a number of features which folks love to adjust with this operating system, though, and there are definitely a lot of software programs on the market that can help a user in the journey if you ever feel need to go forward with your OS tweaks.

A few of those quite popular Windows 10 tweaks relate to being able to preserve some more capacity for running on your computer while you are either on the internet and even playing installed game. The products which permit someone to save more room on your PC will inevitably boost your PC regardless of what users intend on using the additional capacity XP work tweaks will truly make users feel like you’re at the moment running a fresh computer and will prolong the life of your computer for years.

It is not a fun issue to have whenever the registry of your computer gets crammed by a few of the most unneeded data files which don’t ever have to do with anything you are actually employing your PC for. Occasionally when users remove software, there are yet several files left over that may lead to slowing that everyday jobs that are carried out on the computer. That is where the registry enhancements emerge help save you that space and eliminate each one of those irritating data files. You can find some of these products out there on the internet or even pick you up one of them at the store if needed.

It’s essential you give your machine a bit of time per month just to concentrate on getting rid of the things that are slowing your computer down thus allowing the Windows enhancements to undertake their designated jobs. It could be a bit of a pain to need to reserve that length of time, but it can really pay huge dividends for that present and future performance of your computer. It is a lot simpler to allow these kinds of enhancements to be postponed moment, yet you’ll definitely regretting it down the road if you allow for it to happen during too much time

Website Linking

Website linking can be done in many forms and each of them has its own different strategy. All these strategies have their own exclusive strengths and weaknesses. Let us have a look at different strategies that help the webmasters to obtain better rankings in the search engines, and more importantly get more website traffic.

Reciprocal Link Exchanges: This strategy of linking your site is generally the choice for newbie websites, those having less advertising budget. For a short term they can produce noticeable effects, but for long-term, they may prove to be a hindrance than profit.

Attaining Media Attention: This is one of the most advanced techniques for getting backlinks. The principle behind this is simple: Post a press release or even better launch a campaign of a press release and wait for it to get published. Results you see can be amazing as most thriving press releases can generate hundreds of quality backlinks.

Writing quality articles: This is yet another powerful technique to obtain backlinks. In simple terms, you post an article that contains minimum one link to your site, to other websites like articles directories and grant others the permission to republish this article absolutely free of cost, with a very basic condition of not modifying the articles and that they give you the credit of it.

Link Directories: This technique is also a better way to produce backlinks, even though it has few drawbacks. It is very important to ensure you select only the directories that do not need any reciprocal links. Some of the few “unscrupulous” directories do not actually provide you with a direct link to your website, but they do redirect via some internal files on their websites. Though human visitors still can navigate your website, search engines do not regard this as a link directing to your website.

Also, it is sensible to keep away from the badly organized directories, as they tend to be thought as “bad neighborhood” links and may cause some damage in the long run. Overall, this technique is quiet and powerful as it permits even the startup websites to gain decent one-way links. Most of the webmasters submit their websites manually to link directories, but this is a very time consuming and tedious process. So today you have software that speeds up the process, letting you obtain thousands of quality backlinks in less amount of time.

Writing a proper brief – Why Is It So Important?

Content writing means writing or developing good content for websites. For the success of any site, both website design and content have similar importance. The content of your site must be very clear, precise yet easy to understand. Your content should have that much power to get the attention of a different reader and at the similar time, it should also cover the topic. Content particularly helps you for projecting the similar if you have a brand or if not it reflects your seriousness towards different services as well as products.
If the content that you inserted on your website is not quality content then it can create adverse effects to your site. Content writing is divided into different kinds. It may be website content writing and SEO content writing. The main element of any content writing must be providing quality content. It is very tough to define what is good and bad content. But best quality content must contain two most crucial aspects that are uniqueness and usefulness. You need to research a lot that for content writing.
In today’s cut-throat market, several companies are there, which are offering best content writing services. These companies have a well-skilled group of experts who develop the content for your site in an effective way. For getting efficient website content writing, one needs to use short, world, short paragraphs, and short sentences. Writing content in such a manner is a unique structure of content writing.
One idea per paragraph will give a clear explanation. Simple words, bulleted list, and a highlighted point can be one of the best ways for effective website content writing. Two goals for a company for getting their content developed by an expert can be to take 10 seconds for getting the attention with site content and only 55 seconds for building an understanding of the products and services provided by your company. If you want to get best quality SEO content and for that, you want to hire an SEO content write then you need to very careful when choosing him or her. There are differences between only content writer and SEO content writer. A usual content writer develops the general content and does not use the keywords essential in a particular web page however an SEO content writer needs to specialize in writing content that well suites the search engines A SEO content writer needs to write the content by highlighting specific content into the content. Keywords have great importance as they help you in getting traffic and higher page rank in search engines for your website.
For having the best site, you should have sales. For getting high sales from your product, you have to have a great traffic for your site. Hence sales and traffic are interdependent. These days, with the increasing demand for the best quality content, several jobs are available online. People can work as freelancers too. Freelancing is chiefly related to normal content writing. Content writers and content writing got great significance for increasing as well as improving the quality of the web content through usual content writing.